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Cameroon GCE results 2018 slips cancellation

GCE Results 2018 Cameroon Slips was confronted by many complications.

Firstly the result was released earlier than usually expected. Normally the GCE results are always released within the range of 28th July to 5th August as it is known. But surprisingly this academic year the results were released on the 23rd of July taking everyone by surprise. Apart from the surprise, the first copies of the results published over the internet were either incomplete or a result of the past year, leaving students family and friends in total confusion.

Finally, the actual result was published from which every student saw his/her result. The results were quite good though as normal some students have to fail.

This result was digested with different feelings as the students had to accept their result which is the product of their effort.

The Issuing Of The Result Slips Increased The Confusion

More confusion came up at the time of collecting the results slips by students. It was noted that some students who failed on the result published have now succeeded in the exam as per what the result slips present. Some students even score higher than the maximum papers both at the ordinary and advanced levels. Yet after this incident, the result was happily welcome by the students since it was at their advantage student wise.

What is causing the greatest confusion is the communicate just published by the Cameroon GCE Board.

The Communicate reads;

All students who wrote the 2017/2018 GCE are called upon to contact their various schools under which they wrote with their results slips to collect the new ones. The former are not more valid, new ones have been made available.

NB; You have up till Friday the 21st of September 2018 to do so else you run the risk of never having a certificate.

Considering the fact that the academic year already kicked off more than two weeks ago. And also that these students have already look for admission into the next class, I can’t imagine the amount of damage this will cause both financially and psychologically.

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