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Cameroon GCE examination timetable 2020

The Cameroon GCE examination timetable 2019 shall be made public from the date of the announcement for the start of the Cameroon GCE examination registration 2020.

Cameroon GCE examination timetable 2020

Timetables are always released from the start of the registration process to enable candidates to master the days and subjects to be written.

Individual timetables are always issued to students with as soon as he/she finishes with the registration process. The individual timetable carries only the candidate’s registered subjects showing clearly the dates and subjects to be written respectively. This time timetable is normally used as a receipt and as an acceptance slipt in the time of writing of the examination, hence candidates are always requested to show his/her personal time each time before entering the examination hall. Students without the individual Cameroon GCE examination timetable 2020 shall not be allowed to enter the hall.

The General time table contains all the subjects showing all the writing date displayed throughout the writing period. It is usually issued at the time of launching of the exam.

The full General timetable shall be uploaded here as soon as it is made public.

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